Thursday, June 27, 2013

Race Task 2, Sprint Task 1

Today was a booming day with great lift, so they called a big task for both groups. Rayna and Dave did great in the Race, although Dave needs to straighten out a scoring problem that erroneously put him dead last. I had a hard time fighting to make the first waypoint. Scrappy and Igor were a ways behind that. But the real news for today is the Sprint. Thom and Joey made goal in their first ever competition task. Joey was 7th and Thom was 15th, out of 23 who made goal, and 90 pilots flying! Those guys should have been in the race with me and Dave and Scrappy! FlyStrong was just 6k short of goal! Steve also had a great result, making the last turn point before goal. And we were joined by long lost Hawaii pilot Doug Hoffman, bringing our monkey count to a record 27!!


  1. Thanks for the re-cap Alex. JJ is not very happy with the fact that I have not written any stories, but after the arse kicking ride I gave him yesterday he is silent.

    I don't like people telling me where to go and how small of a space they want me to tag when I get there. Well that is what I used to say. Alex has harped that you will learn so much and I have. No just the flying but being able to chat with all the big dogs, including our very own Sky God, Doug Hoffman who has made his first Wood Rat appearance. It was great to see him on launch.

    Today I woke and looked at the sky, very blue, stay tuned for another Rat Tale, I just hope Alex beats me to it.

  2. Go monkeys!!! Good flights, good times, very pleased from the home turf.